Mission / Goals

When one imagines Great Britain, visions appear of medieval castles dotting the countryside, stone abbeys with elaborate stained glass, and ancestral palaces filled with fine art and antiques. This historical legacy is rich in tradition, history and artistry. Famous architects like Inigo Jones, Christopher Wren and John Nash, and artists such as Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, and John Singer Sargent all contributed to this beautiful legacy. While they are some of the most well-known, many artists have left their mark on Britain’s cultural canvas.

As centuries pass, time takes its toll on these masterpieces. Being subjected to harsh weather, wars, pollution and old-age, these buildings, monuments and pieces of art become damaged and worn. The responsibility of maintaining these masterpieces is both financially and physically exhausting.
After discovering that historic art and architecture across Great Britain was in peril and in need of restoration, Dr. Michael Ridgdill founded American Friends of British Art to help ease the financial burden of preserving this rich cultural and artistic heritage. While our mission is the preservation and restoration of historically significant art and architecture within Great Britain, our mission extends to increase the awareness of the need for such preservation. With the exorbitant costs of maintaining and restoring historic works, American Friends of British Art will provide those in need with financial assistance toward their restoration projects. America’s ancestral ties with Great Britain make it an honor to assist in preserving their nation’s treasures, because after all, British history is American history. With your interest and generous contributions, American Friends of British Art will preserve this rich heritage for future generations of tourists, art enthusiasts, and historians to savor.

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