Kelmscott Manor


KelmscottCabinet1Dating back to late Elizabethan times and located in the idyllic Cotswold region of England, Kelmscott Manor was the home of William Morris between 1871 and 1896, and the home of artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti from 1871 to 1874, as Morris’ cotenant. The Society of Antiquaries of London took up responsibility for the Manor in 1962 and saving it from dereliction and ruin, opened it to the public as a KelmscottCabinet4house museum. Kelmscott Manor is open to the public most of the year and attracts roughly 20,000+ visitors annually.

Among the 600 objects associated with Morris and Rossetti that are contained within the Manor, exist a pair of important japanned cabinets. Identified as being in desperate need of conservation, the cabinets will undergo surface cleaning and partial removal of discolored varnish and over-paint, with work being completed by conservator Alexander Schouvaloff, of Decorative Arts Services, London. Following conservation, the cabinets will be returned to a healthy state and appearance.

KelmscottCabinet2In 2014, American Friends of British Art made a grant of $4,400 to the Society of Antiquaries of London for the conservation of one of the pair of antique japanned cabinets.

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